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The ExploreLearning Educator Insights Webinar Series features presentations from innovators in math, science, and professional development,from educators just like you who want to share their passion for constantly improving learning experiences for their students.

Join us for these complimentary professional development opportunities that aim to support the creation of the best curriculum and learning environments for your classroom, school and district.

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Using Gizmos to meet the NGSS in Kings Canyon Unified SD

Using the 5E model and interactive notebooks, Lesley and her team have been able to move to a model where students are actually "doing science" even when traditional lab spaces aren't available.

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Gain insight on where funds come from, who to know, what questions to ask, and how to align your science and math needs to grant specifications.

money funding

money funding

A teacher shares how she used Reflex to develop math fact fluency and a focused implementation plan to exceed the district's overall state performance test.

reflex math

Boosting academic achievement for children living in poverty can be both challenging and daunting. Learn how Reflex can help overcome these challenges in math.

title 1 gizmos

School budgets are tight, but there is a way to find the funds you need for instructional materials.

money funding

Find out about the top four instructional modeling strategies that can help increase the success of professional development for teachers.

A math teacher provides insight on why he decided to flip his classroom, how he set it up, the tools he uses, and provides the resources needed to start flipping your classroom.

How can you successfully blend technology and tradition to get results in your classroom? Find out with our Blended Learning webinar.

digital simulations

Find out how to foster a growth science mindset through teacher feedback and by using interactive online simulations.

A math teacher shares ways that students can learn and develop their intelligence by having a growth mindset.


Discover how science leader and science teacher mindsets can impact the adoption of more open and authentic forms of inquiry in classroom instruction.


Learn how a Science Curriculum Specialist uses Gizmos to create performance tasks to meet NGSS for her school district.

lesson planning plan

Gain insight on how teachers can use Gizmos to help prepare students for interactive computer-based assessments.

computer assessments digital teaching simulations interactive

Find out how to use a Gizmo to stimulate mathematical and scientific thinking and communicate that thinking into writing.

teaching kids informative writing gizmos

Takes a look at the results from a controlled random math fact fluency trial at an elementary school in Florida.

math fact fluence case study reflex trial

Learn how you can use ExploreLearning Gizmos to help prepare your students for the eclipse, and teach about the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun.

solar eclipse gizmos science lesson

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